Free to Let Go at Centropolis

The Centropolis is an exceptional gathering place where thousands of people come to have a good time with family, their love one or friends. Centropolis is renowned for its great restaurants, various entertainment offerings, must-see events, boutiques and shops, and its pedestrian areas. In summer, the Central Place has an illuminated fountain and a vegetable garden. In winter, the refrigerated skating rink attracts fans of this sport, and gives the place a magical atmosphere.

Centropolis is a lively world in which you can enjoy unique experiences!

Take full advantage of your visit to let go: tame the wave at Maeva Surf, climb one or more of the 34 themed walls at Escalade Clip 'n climb or play a game of mini-golf in a fluorescent environment at Putting Edge.



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1799, avenue Pierre-Péladeau, Laval, Qc, H7T 2Y5

450 681-4811

Maeva Surf
Feel the heat, hear the sound of the waves, and enjoy a cocktail in a tropical setting, in the heart of downtown Laval! Maeva Surf is an indoor surfing centre that attracts people from all levels of experience. The place has a bistro and a full bar. Maeva Surf is the perfect place where to enjoy a meal or hold a party, in flip flops! It’s also the perfect place to enjoy a great family activity. No experience required. With the guidance of qualified instructors, participants start by bodyboarding, then put the techniques they learn into practice, and surf standing up on their boards.
2005 boulevard Daniel-Johnson, Laval (Québec), H7T 1H8
450 934-6238
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Escalade Clip 'n climb
Thanks to its colourful setting which is highly stimulating and encourage people to surpass themselves, Escalade ‘n climbing is the perfect place to discover wall climbing or come practice one’s skills. The centre has 34 themed walls of various levels of difficulty. The concept is highly safe since every wall is equipped with automated belay devices. Indoor climbing has never been as simple, accessible and safe!
2929, boulevard Saint-Martin Ouest, Laval, Québec), H7T 2Y8
450 934-9493
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Putting Edge
Putting Edge is a highly entertaining recreational centre for all ages with its 18-hole mini-golf course in a glow-in-the-dark setting. The place also has arcade games. It’s the perfect place to enjoy some fun time in family or with friends.
105 promenade du Centropolis, Laval, QC, H7T 0B3
450 681-3334
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