An outdoor free gym in Laval

at 2021-09-20

When walking in certain parks in Laval, you may have noticed some metal and concrete structures of all kinds, symetric and asymmetric bars, ladders and benches of various heights.

This urban furniture is inspired by hebertism, the exercise path of our childhood but in a totally updated mode. Thanks to those outdoor fitness facilities, it’s now possible to engage in a functional and complete fitness workout that uses the whole body as resistance. With Trekfit, no need for weight lifting since the program based on agile and fluid movements requires using several muscles at the same time.

These user-friendly modules are accessible to people of all ages, at all times. It’s the perfect option during the present pandemic. No reservation required: just show up to the park and enjoy your fitness session. Plus these outdoor workout facilities are ideal to create a sense of community among users.

In addition to basic workout exercises, TREKFIT offers a whole world of possibilities since users can add accessories to the modules to vary their workout sessions. For example they can use medicine balls or use TRX- or AK-type straps (made by La voie athlétique, a Quebec company) that allow performing a greater variety of exercises.

Each park is unique and offers workout circuits comprised of 6 to 12 stations, each with a small poster with explanations on how to perform the exercises at low or high intensity.

In addition, TREKFIT offers a free application which allows to locate the facilities and choose among the programs for adults, seniors or people in wheelchair, whether the goal is to engage in a fitness, weight loss, aerobic or anaerobic workout or in a resistance program.

Source: Magazine Espaces

Parks with fitness modules in Laval:

❗️In order to respect Public Health sanitary measures, consult the Ville de Laval website.


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