Local wines and microbrewery beers to discover

at 2022-06-08

The beautiful season is upon us as are those hot sunny days! Already looking for ideas to quench your thirst and accompany your lunches, dinners, and barbecue meals? The timing is perfect to discover wines and beers from the region’s vineyard and microbreweries. They’re perfect to enjoy a tasting experience with your loved one after a long day, or now that we can, with your friends and family! Here are the Top 5 of Tourisme Laval’s team.

Rosé bubbles and cider from Château Taillefer-Lafon

Top 1 – This sparkling rosé wine is one of the best signature wines from Château Taillefer Lafon, Laval’s only vineyard. It’s perfect for your TGIF happy hours and dinners, to celebrate the start of your vacation or for a romantic evening. This sparkling rosé wine is persistent in the mouth with a pleasant briskness and a long finish. One thing’s for sure: you’ll add it to your list of favourites!

Top 2 – You prefer a sparkling cider? Try Frisson en Bulles, a high-end cider that is perfect for an evening among friends and to accompany your barbecue-grilled meats. Just savour it!

Château Taillefer Lafon

Insulaires Microbrasseurs’ Favourite Beers

After spending long hours working on your flower beds at home or a long day at the office, we have two suggestions of beers brewed right here in Laval at Insulaires Microbrasseurs: L’Éden and Bochka Vishnya.

Top 3 – L’Éden is a sour wheat and Quebec haskap berry beer. Haskap berries (or honey berries) look like lengthened blueberries with a light tangy taste. They are cultivated in our friends’ certified-organic orchard, Camerise et companie located in the Lanaudière region. 5.5% alc./vol.

Top 4 – The Bochka Vishnya is an imperial stout aged in a bourbon cask with black cherries, morello cherries and vanilla from Madagascar and Mexico. Thanks to the acidity of the cherry, this beer has an exceptional balance while the vanilla adds a bourbon-comparable sweetening taste. 8.5% alc./vol.

Whatever your preferences and tastes, you will love those festive flavours! (And what’s best, there are other ones to discover!)

A breadcrumb-based beer? It’s the brilliant idea from La Bête à Pain!

Top 5 – Recuperated bread is transformed into a Hefeweizen-type beer. What an ingenious idea! Miettes was developed thanks to teamwork and Oshlag Microbrewery and La Bête à Pain shared values of local vision, originality, and innovative spirit.This Quebec locally produced beer is brewed like the Hefeweizen, a wheat beer from the South of Germany. So Miettes is a white beer with aromas of bananas, clove, cinnamon, and toasted bread. Exotic and unique, don’t you think?

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