Some suggestions to come play indoor!

at 2022-11-01

It’s impossible to get bored. Here's a wide range of activities to satisfy everyone whatever their levels of energy.

Defy Heights

Are you fans of sports challenges? Try climbing. Discover two fabulous venues in Laval. Clip ’n climb has 30 themes climbing walls for various levels of difficulty. The bravest can climb up to 10 metres high and even go for the Leap of Faith.

Plus there is the brand new Le Crux Centre d’escalade perfect to practise bouldering. It’s the perfect opportunity to test your Spiderman skills, and find solutions to a problem.

Rack Your Brain

If you’re not interested in developing big muscles but prefer to challenge your grey cells? No worries. Laval has life-size enigmas and puzzles for you to solve. L’Escaparium Laval and Immersia Jeux d’évasion, among others, offer escape game scenarios sure to test your logic. Players must resolve puzzles and work in teams to carry a mission to save their lives… or their honour!

Aim, Hit, Roll… Smile!

There are many fun ways to improve your eyesight (and other muscles as well!) while having a lot of fun, whether you choose to play mini-golf in a glow-in-the-dark course, participate in a paintball combat, opt for a laser game, go bowling, hit some balls in a batting cage. All this is possible in Laval.

You can also take the wheel to test your skills on the longest indoor karting track in Canada or aboard an airplane simulator. And these are only a few of the possibilities!

To practise the above-mentioned activities, go to Putting EdgeZone 15Salon de Quilles BG Laval 2000 and Action 500.

Being active is staying healthy! Put aside any temptation of being a couch potato. Your body will disapprove and you’ll feel muscle tension pain. So, in 3, 2, 1, choose your next activity and…smile!

Indoor attractions to discover:



Are you a thrill seeker?
Are you a virtual reality enthusiast and a surfing pro?

Check this out!






Are you curious? Laval invites you to stimulate your neurons by exploring the region's museum spaces.

Check this out!



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