Staying at the hotel with the whole family in Laval? Why not!

at 2021-08-26


Family Getaway

 We present you the blog articles of a family of two adults and three children from Sherbrooke who spent some time in the Laval region during their summer holidays. Here's the fascinating story of this Family Getaway in Laval!

Like us, those with a spirit of adventure will want to spend a few days in Laval to explore the region and will therefore need hotel accommodation. During our stay, we had the opportunity to stay in different hotels for one or two nights. In fact, we usually for the simplest in terms of accommodations, so discovering the hotel world was a first for us (except, of course, past stays in a few roadside motels when the weather made camping impossible).

Staying at the hotel was a big step up in terms of comfort, compared to our past experiences. Those quiet nights in a room without flashing neon lights through a window, at perfect ambient temperature, and with a clean and hot shower allowed us to rest after a day filled with activities and be ready to start all over the next day.

During our stay in Laval, we visited four hotels: the Sheraton, the Holiday Inn, the Comfort Inn and the Hilton. All four are close to Centropolis, which facilitated going from one place to the next on the island (once we understood how Highway 15 service roads work). If you choose to stay at one of those four hotels, we will enjoy great accommodations. Plus, children are welcome. In this blog article, we mention what we preferred aspect in each hotel to facilitate your choice!


Swimming pool. Very chic. We had two connecting rooms, which allows making the kids sleep in one while we were writing our blog in the other room. This also means access to two bathrooms, an important detail for a family of five. If you come to Laval to shop, this hotel is the closest to CF Carrefour Laval: you won’t even have to move your car!

Sheraton Laval

Holiday Inn

Modern. Swimming pool with windows with a view on a wooden area – we even saw a wild turkey! At the Holiday Inn, children eat for free in the two restaurants adjacent to the hotel, including in the French brasserie Chez Lionel. With three kids, it amounts to a substantial saving. All the hotels we stayed in are very well situated. Still, this one is easier to come and go with direct access to Terry-Fox Avenue. Plus, Mathieu found that this hotel has the best coffee served in the room.

Comfort Inn

At the Comfort Inn, breakfast is included. This hotel was recently renovated. Since it is smaller, there’s no elevator, so we avoided hearing arguments about which of the kids will push the elevator buttons. It may seem a trivial detail, but it makes a big difference when you have three small children.


At the Hilton, we were really spoiled because they offer us one of the brand new family suites. Wow! Two closed bedrooms, a small living room and a kitchen with a fridge, an electric hob and a microwave. It was so perfect that we would have loved to stay an extra night, but the room was already booked (a piece of good advice: book early). One important thing to mention: all suites have been set up with environmental concerns. All light bulbs are LED ones, and most of the furniture is made in Canada. We love that! Also important to mention: the hotel has a swimming pool.

Enjoy your stay in Laval!

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