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at 2021-08-13

Family Escapade
Christine, Mathieu and their three children 

We present you the blog articles of a family of two adults and three children from Sherbrooke that spent some time in the Laval region during their summer holidays. Here's the fascinating story of this Family Escapade in Laval!

Some may think it's bizarre for a family to spend their summer holidays in Laval. We totally love the outdoors. We visited several national parks over the years, and even if our children are still young, we climb mountains, do some canoeing, do some road trips, hike, go camping, observe nature, and often go into the forest.

Yet we must say that we've never seen so many wild animals in a day than today. And we must say that as of today, we've never seen as many wild animals in a day.

You won't believe it, but while we were looking out the window of the pool at the Holiday Inn (located downtown Laval) we saw a wild turkey!

Ask our kids if you don't believe us! We couldn't do believe ourselves at first!

That set the tone for the rest of our day!

Upon arriving at Parc de la Rivière-des-Mille-Îles, we stopped for lunch at the new Café de l'Archipel where they serve energizing meals, big sandwiches and decadent pastries from the Copper Branch and Café de la Concorde. The place also serves refreshing beverages, coffees and some refreshers.

Then we went canoeing on Des Mille Îles River. With three children, the canoe is our favourite self-propelled watercraft. We tried the rowing boat and pedal boat, but it was not fun for us. And we would be too crammed in kayaks. So, we hopped aboard a canoe and quietly pedaled along the river without any effort. In fact, we quietly enjoyed our long canoe tour and did not even feel tired. Plus, there was enough space aboard the canoe, so the children changed places every three seconds (as they always do) without bothering each other.


Des Mille Îles River is perfect for a boat tour of a few hours. Past the Highway 15 Bridge, we reached an area of wild vegetation islands. It's even possible to picnic on some of those islands. It did not take long before we forgot we were in the city. We discovered the quietness of the surroundings and the diversified fauna. We saw Canada goose, wood ducks and mallards, herons, kingfishers, and a multitude of birds that were flying over our heads and splashing around our canoe. Needless to say, we were impressed by the beavers' work.

Arbre forêt enfant

Bernaches canot

Still, the highlight of our visit was the impressive number of turtles we saw along the way. Near Desroches Island, we saw turtles sunbathing on just about every rock or wood piece emerging from the water. We were even able to approach one to the delight of the kids.

Maman enfants canot tortue

If you decide to row along the river and stop on an island for a picnic, like we did, be careful because there's poison ivy everywhere alongside the trails. For us, it was an opportunity to teach our children how to recognize it. Also, if you go to Parc de la Rivière-des-Mille-Îles, take the time to visit the Interpretation Centre wth its beautiful mock-ups and even some live specimens of "real" turtles!

Tortue aquarium

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