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Tourisme Laval maintains strict security, privacy and personal information standards. Nonetheless, users are asked to read these Conditions of Use carefully. By using this Web site, users acknowledge that they have read, understood and accepted the conditions and limitations of liability described herein.

Acceptance of Conditions of Service

Tourisme Laval give users access to information available on the Internet upon connection. These general conditions apply to all products and services provided by Tourisme Laval. By using the services provided, the customer agrees to use the services provided by Tourisme Laval on the site in compliance with applicable law and the following general conditions.

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User Name and Password

Tourisme Laval cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage arising from lack of compliance with the security measures set out in this section. You are advised to read carefully the LIMITATION OF LIABILITY set out in these conditions of use to be aware of the extent of your liability.

Use of On-Line Communications Services

You alone are responsible for the content you make available via our services (e-mails, weblogs, RSS feeds, etc.) as well as for any consequences arising from said content. You may not use Tourisme Laval’s services to conduct any study, contest or pyramid scheme, send chain letters, or engage in spamming, hacking or any other unlawful act. You are also prohibited from engaging in any action that may prejudice the rights of others or prevent others from using the service. Although Tourisme Laval reserves the right to delete data at its discretion, this is an option, not an obligation. Tourisme Laval makes no representations regarding the control of content available on the site, given the volume and speed of data transmission on the service. Tourisme Laval also reserves the right to banish anyone from using its on-line interactive services by stripping them of their privileged access granted by the website Tourisme Laval reserves the right to prosecute any user who breaks the rules of etiquette.

Illegal Content

You may not post libelous, indecent, offensive, violent or racist comments on the site, or any illegal content that may infringe the intellectual property of others, subject to legal action. The user agrees to comply with all laws in effect when using Tourisme Laval’s services. Network Security and Efficiency Tourisme Laval cannot guarantee total security or efficiency. It is possible that computer hackers may access the service. Therefore, BEFORE YOU USE ANY PRIVILED ACCESS GRANTED BY THE WEBSITE TOURISMELAVAL.COM OR TOURISME LAVAL, it is important to keep in mind that ill-intentioned individuals may access the site servers and use personal information disclosed by the members of Passport for their own purposes. IN NO CASE may Tourisme Laval or any of its administrators be held responsible for acts of computer hacking or any damage or loss thus incurred by a privileged access granted by the website. The site may occasionally crash and programming errors may be caused by updates or by events not under the control of the administrators. The administrators and members of the organization cannot be held responsible if a member is unable to access the site, regardless of the reason (lack of comprehension, poor telephone line, incompatible modem, broken cable, incorrect configuration, incorrect browser, etc.).

External Links

Tourisme Laval or third parties may establish links to other sites or sources. Tourisme Laval has no way of controlling such sites and sources and is not responsible for and cannot guarantee their availability. Tourisme Laval does not recommend or endorse the content provided by such sites or sources and is not liable and makes no warranty for the content.

Limitation of Liability

Tourisme Laval does not guarantee in any way the uninterrupted functioning of services or access thereto. Nor does it offer any guarantee of any kind, explicit or implicit, regarding services, including but not limited in number or scope, all guarantees regarding the transmission capacity of any service provider’s network and telecommunications company, or the reliability of the equipment of any service provider’s network and telecommunications company, or the accuracy or pertinence of the information made available by these services and equipment. Tourisme Laval is not liable for any damage resulting from the use of these services and equipment, or for any errors, omissions, interruptions, delays or defects related to these services and equipment or the data made available by these services and equipment.

Applicable Law

Tourisme Laval reserves the right at all times, and at its sole discretion, to modify the general conditions for the use of its Web site as set out in this agreement. Users have the responsibility to be aware of all modifications, without prior notice from Tourisme Laval. The site of Tourisme Laval is published in Québec, Canada. This agreement is governed by the laws of the Province of Québec as well as by all Canadian laws applicable in Québec, and is subject to interpretation in accordance with those laws.


You hereby agree to defend and hold harmless Tourisme Laval should legal action be taken against it as a result of the infringement of any of these conditions of use by you or anyone who accesses the

Acts of God

Tourisme Laval shall not be held responsible for non-performance, in whole or in part, of any of its obligations whatsoever toward you, nor for damages or losses you may suffer, if such non-performance, damages or losses result from an Act of God or from circumstances beyond its control.