March 29, 2023

Conférence : Les microbes : ces êtres avec qui nous partageons notre corps!

Explore the "invisible" history of humanity with sharp-eyed experts.


The human body contains almost as many bacteria as there are human cells. Bacteria are everywhere; they are the most numerous living beings on the planet! That's without mentioning viruses, which are even more numerous! But what do we know about these microscopic little creatures? Are they all harmful? How have they influenced the course of human evolution? Come and explore the "invisible" history of humanity with sharp-eyed experts. So, are we more human, or microbes?


This lecture is the second in a series of three lectures offered by the Museum for the Winter-Spring 2023 season. Rates (plus taxes): $12 per lecture / $30 for the series of three lectures How to reserve: Limited space, online reservation strongly recommended