Tourisme Laval Annual General Meeting | A Year of Resilience, Support and Innovation

Laval, June 21, 2021 - At its annual general meeting held on June 21, Tourisme Laval presented its annual report for the 2020-2021 fiscal year.

The past year will be remembered as the worst in our history! The closing of borders, periods of confinement, restrictions on gatherings and the exodus of Quebecers to the wilderness last summer had a considerable impact on Laval's tourism industry. In percentages and numbers, this translates into a 73.3% drop in the number of tourists, a 64.8% drop in tourism spending, a 49.6% drop in hotel occupancy, and a loss of 177 conventions and events compared to the 2019 year.

In addition, the absence of tourists in the region's hotels has led to a significant decline in the revenue generated by the lodging tax, a situation that has literally transformed the way the destination is marketed. This is why "agility" has been the watchword of the organization's teams. Among the initiatives carried out by Tourisme Laval during the year, we would like to highlight the support provided to its members in the wake of the announcement of the various assistance programs offered by the federal, provincial and municipal governments, the successive reorientation of its marketing strategies and its great capacity to adapt its sales actions in virtual mode.

To see all of the initiatives and projects that have been completed, check out the 2020 Annual Report at Tourisme Laval.

Board of Directors of Tourisme Laval 2021-2022

During the annual general meeting, the president of the board of directors, Mr. Yanick Pazzi, presented the members who will be part of the board of directors for the next fiscal year.

Executive Committee:

President: Yanick Pazzi, Sheraton Laval
Vice-President: Yves Legault, Collège Letendre
Secretary: Guylaine Archambault, Musée Armand-Frappier
Director: Michel Galland, Voyages Blainville
Director: Geneviève Roy, Tourisme Laval


Patricia Alaouz, Holiday Inn Laval-Montreal
Sandra El-Helou, City of Laval
Stéphanie Girard-Beaudry, Cosmodôme
Guy McDonald, McDonald DesChênes Dubé, lawyers
Christine Métayer, Parc de la Rivière-des-Mille-Îles
Daniel Mongrain, Clip 'n Climb
Martin Savoie, Sports Laval
Vyckie Vaillancourt, Ferme Chez Vaillancourt

The recovery is now!

Laval's tourism industry players are known for their creative energy. A key element for the recovery that is starting now!

About Tourisme Laval

As a leader in a rapidly expanding industry, Tourisme Laval contributes to the development of Laval as a tourist destination, provides leadership in the reception and promotion of attractions, and acts as a rallying agent for its members and partners in a sustainable development perspective.

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Source: Hélène Vézina
Director of Communications, Tourisme Laval, 514 261-9893
[email protected]