Ode to the modern man

Offers to take care of a dedicated dad

Montreal, June 7th. - This month, men are in the spotlight! Amerispa, the world's largest banner of health and beauty centers, is presenting the perfect offers for dads to take a well-deserved break from their daily routine and relax. Whether it's for your dad, your kids' dad or even yourself: relaxation is always fun.

On sale as of June 7th on and, as well as in their health and beauty centers, the relaxation-certificate at more than 50% off and the special promotion offering you $30 as a gift are ideal to underline the importance of this wonderful person.

Choose from these 2 options:

Men's Wellness A true ode to the modern man, this package offers dads a choice of a Therapeutic Massage and an Energizing Men's Facial. The moment of well-being continues with a toning leg break known to relieve heavy legs and activate lymphatic circulation. To complete this relaxing interlude, access to the water and an herbal tea are offered.
Price: $126 (value of more than $275)

30$ additional gift
Offer the choice of relaxation with a gift certificate with monetary value. For a limited time, get a free $30 gift certificate with the purchase of a $100 gift certificate. Let them choose the treatments or products they want: Massage for athletes, Thermal Experience, Pedicure for Executives are just a few of the options available to satisfy their desire for relaxation.

Father's Day offers will be redeemable starting June 20th at 13 locations across the province, including Amerispa hotel-affiliated centers, Nordic spas and Moment Spa centers exclusive to Fairmont hotels in Quebec.

About Amerispa
Founded in 1994, Amerispa has an unparalleled expertise and reputation in health, beauty and well-being. This Quebec-based company is the only spa banner in Canada with thirteen high-end health and beauty centers. Eleven of them are located in the immediate vicinity of prestigious hotels and resorts. Two Nordic-type spas are located in the heart of nature: Amerispa Spa Nordique Morin-Heights and Amerispa Spa Nordique Cantley. Since the summer of 2017, Amerispa has adopted a new distinct and exclusive name, Moment Spa, for its treatment centers affiliated with Fairmont hotels in Quebec. 


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