Our 6 Out-of-the-Box Experiences

Glam Blue LAVAL to Amaze and Astound

  • You dare to think big
  • You’re excited about new technologies

We offer unique spaces for large-scale events, with the support of a team that’s always up for a challenge. Experience the unique atmosphere of New York or Paris at the Sheraton.

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Bold Red LAVAL for Team Building

  • You are dynamic
  • You are results-oriented

In this paradise of indoor activities, our team will transform any meeting room into a playground filled with mini-games for team bonding, not to mention fabulous cocktails.
Go Bold Red and offer your guests a unique space combining conference activities, live performances, games, and more.

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Country Green LAVAL for a Welcoming Atmosphere

  • You value human relations
  • You are driven by teamwork

Did you know your Laval Meeting Destination can transport you to a bountiful garden of Eden? We’ll set up a large tent inside one of our spacious venues to host a country-style dinner, where all guests are encouraged to get involved.

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Hot Pink LAVAL to Impress Your Guests

  • Your creative mind is always active
  • You are a true epicure

Do creative cocktails and surprisingly satisfying hors d’oeuvres whet your appetite? Our culinary team can cook up something that’s sure to delight all your guests. After all, Laval is the home of the “never-ending happy hour!”

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Zen Yellow LAVAL for an Optimal Listening Environment

  • Yellow is a zero-stress colour
  • It is the colour of doers and decision-makers

Zen Yellow invites you to rethink the traditional conference format. Our circular space, which features various types of comfortable seats, offers an optimal listening environment for attendees.

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Indigo LAVAL to Stage Your Team’s Success

  • You are meticulous and detail-oriented
  • Showcasing your guests’ successes is important to you

Our team breaks with convention to bring you a unique gala event, where each guest takes the stage as an actor of his or her success. With the attention to detail brought to the logistics and staging of the event, you and your guests are sure to enjoy an unusual and unforgettable evening!