3 suggestions to combine relaxation and business

The search for relaxation, health and well-being is a growing trend in business tourism. Event organizers must therefore compete with each other to offer activities that stand out and meet the needs of attendees. Event planners will be able to choose between various formulas depending on the time of day or the periods available.

1. Start your event on the right foot

Some organizers offer a relaxing activity as soon as attendees arrive, which allows them to relieve the stress of the travel and place themselves in a receptive state of mind for the event. Nothing breaks the ice like a relaxing activity at the spa. It's an opportunity for attendees to get acquainted in an informal setting. This type of activity is very popular with the female clientele, but men can also enjoy it thanks to treatments specially adapted for them.

2. Relaxation for better performance

Relaxation breaks are also popular between meetings or at the end of the day. Chair massages are very popular with organizers because they are affordable and very flexible. No appointments are necessary and they require little equipment. Offer a relaxation session or a short introduction to yoga or tai chi to allow attendees to refocus and concentrate better during the rest of the session.

3. The benefits of thermotherapy

As a post-meeting activity, why not offer an outing to a Nordic spa? If you choose this option, you can invite your attendees to one of the two Nordic spas in the region:Oasis de l'Île orSpa Le Finlandai.  Both are open in the evening.

3 suggestions for combining business and relaxation breaks

Photos: Spa & Hôtel Le Finlandais; Amerispa Sheraton Laval