5 simple rules to put together an ironclad program

To make your event a must-attend one, you must offer attractive content that will arouse the interest and even the enthusiasm of attendees. To achieve this, you need a program that is rich in content, relevant and solid. A program that must stand out, be innovative and up-to-date.

1. Find a strategic theme

Choose a theme that resonates with people's interests and concerns. Focusing on a unifying topic can make the difference between a mixed success and a record attendance.

  • Think of a theme that interests, excites, provokes.
  • Ask yourself what are the real needs of your target audience to ensure that your conference will address issues that matter now and takes into consideration the needs and objectives of your clientele.
  • Ask yourself if the theme allows suppliers and industry partners to contribute and benefit.

2. Where to find a good theme?

Sources of inspiration are endless. Just examine your immediate environment to find interesting ideas, from search engines, blogs, and social media to special issues of trade publications in your industry.

How can you offer an outstanding program with limited resources? By choosing outstanding speakers and original activities and by offering a compelling program to accompanying persons. 

3. Get your ideas validated

Talk to leaders from your field of expertise, users and clients, or check out press reviews. Don't hesitate to set the stage by creating a debate among your members on social media or on your blog. This will bring out various points of view and guide you in your choices.

4. Powerful Topics

Once you have decided what will be your event's main focus, choose complementary topics without duplicating each other or one topic from different angles. To generate interest, it is important to pay special attention to the promotion of your conferences. Find catchy titles and capitalize on the popularity of the speakers.

5. Activities that stand out

Offer activities that fit well with your theme and complement it. Pay particular attention to the interests of participants and companions. This will ensure the popularity of your activities and a large number of participants, but also the synergy and relevance of your program as a whole.

5 simple rules to build a strong program