5 restaurants with private rooms for delicious events

Here are some restaurants that are stylish and combine friendly decor and fine dining, that are perfect for inviting participants to your events. Many Laval restaurants have private rooms. Here's a taste of what you can expect. These rooms offer an interesting alternative and allow you to enhance your guests' experience by discovering inventive and tasty cuisine.

1. Calvi Mediterranean Bistro

This Centropolis-based bistro serves cuisine combining Mediterranean and Italian specialties, grilled meats and succulent fish and seafood. Guests also appreciate the Calvi 's well-stocked wine cellar. Seven differently decorated private rooms can accommodate up to 90 guests. Some of these rooms are equipped with plasma screens.

2. Au Biniou

For over 35 years, this Laval restaurant, housed in a magnificent ancestral home, has been serving delicious classic French dishes. Diners also come for the warm ambience and pleasant summer terrace. Wines are offered at SAQ prices. Au Biniou features three private dining rooms that can accommodate up to 30 guests.

3. Les Menus-Plaisirs Restaurant-Auberge

Renowned for its terrace and ancestral cachet, Les Menus-Plaisirs restaurant combines lodging and gastronomy, offering regional cuisine featuring local products such as Lac Brome duck, ostrich and Quebec lamb. The establishment boasts five rooms accommodating up to 50 guests. There's also a well-stocked wine cellar, tasting room, bar, veranda and atrium.

4. Le Mitoyen

Established in 1977 in an ancestral house, this Quebec's Four-Diamond recognized restaurant (CAAAAA) was also given 5 stars by the Guide Voir, and is one of the best tables in Quebec. The menu includes local meats as well as fish and seafood, depending on the arrival. Le Mitoyen has five private rooms that can accommodate up to 50 people, making it a perfect choice for groups.

5. Sukho Thai/Kiyomi

These two restaurants in one serve Thai cuisine, seafood, grilled and wok specialties and Korean tapas in a modern and colourful atmosphere. Sukho Thai/Kiyomi is the perfect choice for your happy hour. It has two private rooms with a capacity of up to 150 people and offers the services of an event planner.