5 tips to find the perfect speaker

The success of your conference, event or training depends on the quality of the speakers' presentations. It is important to take the time to put together a program that offers an attractive, credible and dynamic line-up of speakers who will surprise your attendees.

1. Consider multiple candidates

Make a comprehensive list of possible candidates. When you contact them, take the time to explain the context, the audience, and your expectations. Ask them how they plan to relate their topic to the conference theme.

2. See what people say about them

Don't give out contracts blindly. Make sure that the person is high-energy and has a unique point of view.

  • Ask to see excerpts from speakers' lectures
  • Ask for references
  • Do a Google search to see what people are saying about them

3. Bring out the big names

Be sure to attract at least one headliner per day of activity. Not sure where to turn to find the perfect speaker? Several specialized companies, sometimes called speakers bureaus, can recommend interesting candidates.

You don't have the budget for a keynote speaker? No problem. There is certainly a sponsor who would love to be associated with a prestigious name and who will gladly cover the cost of the presentation.

4. Play on the surprise effect

Don't hesitate to think outside the box by inviting a speaker who will talk about a subject that is not directly related to your industry, such as a racing driver to talk about performance or an artist to talk about creativity.

5. Form a duo to work around problems

You've found a key expert to speak on a topic, but their speaking skills are a little weak. Pair this person with a seasoned host. Use a question-and-answer format or do a live interview.

5 tips for finding a good speaker