How to improve the efficiency and performance of your booth

Your organization is participating in a major trade show, and you would like your booth to attract the maximum number of visitors, shine and stand out from the rest. Here are the elements that you absolutely must take into consideration.

1. Plan ahead

To make your booth stand out, start discussing and working on the concept and layout at least six months in advance. Depending on your business objectives and budget, you have to consider many elements, such as audio-visual needs, touch screens, projection walls, immersive technologies, content production, etc.

2. Choose a location near a food court

Considered secondary areas, food courts should not be overlooked when choosing a location for your booth. Chances are good that visitors will visit these areas during their visit, giving you an additional opportunity to be seen. Tip: Hang them up after their meal or coffee, they'll be in more of a listening mode.

3. Plan the location of your booth

Corner booths definitely have an advantage. They are accessible from two aisles, so they have more visibility, but renting such a location will usually be more expensive. However, if your booth is on a corner but at the back of the room, you may not meet your visibility objective, as few visitors will come to you unless there is a major point of interest at that location.

Another aspect to consider is the presence of major players, those who occupy large spaces and attract a large number of visitors. By choosing a location close to theirs, you will have a better chance of intercepting people. However, if your booth is smaller, it may not be noticed. Therefore, evaluating your location considering your objectives and budget is important.

4. Avoid the competition

Find out where your immediate competitors' booths are located. Ideally, you should not be too close to them because you risk losing sight of your primary objective, which is to make your organization shine, because you would then be more in a defensive mode than in a seduction mode

5. Choose a location in one of the central aisles

The closer your booth is to the main entrance or located in the wider central aisles, the more attention you will get from visitors. Why? Because visitors tend to pass through these areas several times, which multiplies the opportunities to attract their attention.

6. Think about the location of your booth

Be strategic! Opt for high cocktail tables to free up space if you want to accommodate as many people as possible in your booth. Also, place your reception table so it's not blocking people from entering, and avoid obstructing traffic.

7. Build your team

The people at your booth are ambassadors of your organization, values, and vision. It is therefore important to choose them well and to ensure that they understand your company's strategy and objectives specific to the show. Define the roles. You'll need smiling and welcoming people who are 100% on board with your brand as well as someone with more technical skills, capable of explaining how your products work. Also, make sure each person is comfortable in their role to ensure you have a well-balanced team.

8. Be creative

Don't be afraid to offer your visitors different experiences. Invite them to participate in a quiz on your services, interactive games with your products, etc. The goal is to interact with them so you can establish a relationship and thus foster engagement.