Laval, a Thousand and One Possibilities

Knowing how to take a break from work is as much a necessity for the health and productivity of employees as it is for the organization. In fact, it has been shown that a rested staff promotes a company's performance in addition to reducing monotony and depression (Soares, Angelo. 2014). If you are planning a business trip to Laval or if you work in the area, you will find that the destination, in addition to being strategically located, has several hotels and convention centres, as well as numerous attractions and a wide choice of restaurants. You will be able to make discoveries, indulge yourself, relax and, above all, unwind. Comfort, discovery, entertainment, dining: Laval is THE ideal multipurpose destination for multi-functional stays!

Photo credit: Centre de la nature

First of all, the city is strategically located, which makes it easy to get around. With several major highways running through Laval, it's easy and convenient to stay and get around. There are more than 30 convention facilities available, perfect for both large and small events.

After a day of work, you will find an impressive choice of restaurants nearby (read more than 800 here!). Foodies are sure to be delighted by the wide variety of cuisine offered by Laval's restaurants. From food trucks to fine dining, pub-style microbreweries, not to mention creameries and cafés, Laval's food scene has something to please everyone!

Photo credits: Boating Club, Château Taillefer Lafon and co-motion

With a full belly, you can then return to the calm of a warm hotel to recharge your batteries. With more than 1600 rooms available in the city's various lodging establishments, you will certainly find the place that perfectly meets your needs and budget.

Photo credit: Sheraton Laval and Caroline Lachapelle (Grand Hotel Times Laval)

The island also offers a wide variety of activities to take your mind off things and take a break. With 84 different ways to enjoy Laval's entertainment attractions, you may even want to extend what was supposed to be a simple business trip! Thrill-seekers can get the adrenaline rush they crave by going indoor surfing, simulating a parachute flight, going karting or climbing boulder walls. For those who are in the mood for enjoying more natural areas with the arrival of spring, the parks, the nature centres, the Mille Îles River, a vineyard and many other attractions are all opportunities to take a good sunbath! Not to mention all the other pleasures the destination has to offer: cultural activities, shopping, relaxation, sports, etc.

Photo credit: Parc de la Rivière-des-Mille-Îles and iFly 

In short, Laval is the destination of all possibilities, with a wide variety of attractions within a short radius. One thing is for sure, with all that Laval has to offer, you will never see business trips or work days in the same way again!

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Source: Soares, Angelo (May 2014). "Time for a break: health and (in)human work". University of Quebec at Montreal: School of Science and Management.