Three Simplifiers, Three Unique Culinary Spots in Laval

Laval is a city where effervescence can be found on your plate. It will tickle your taste buds with its striking contrasts of flavours. Laval is a destination full of secrets that are just waiting to be shared. Want to taste life the Laval way during your next business visit? Our three simplifiers reveal their favourite restaurants.

For Holiday Inn Laval's Director of Sales and Marketing, Cristina Cesari, there is no doubt that LOV Centropolis will steal your heart. Here, eating is an experience that begins with a feeling of well-being conveyed by the beauty of the restaurant. An environment that perfectly reflects the freshness of its menu. You will enjoy a tasty dish cooked with food of incomparable quality. Cristina's opinions don't stop here, she highly recommends the Big LOV cheeseburger with fries, of course. "I felt the love," said the manager after eating at LOV Centroplis.

Want to refresh and be invigorated? The Lov Centropolis is right here.


For his part, Nicolas Poirier, General Manager of the Comfort Inn Laval, promises that the restaurant Les Enfants Terribles is worth a visit. Terrace lovers? You'll be delighted with the view of Centropolis, an open-air urban complex where social energy is at its peak. You won't know where to turn! You'll enjoy the classy and relaxed atmosphere and find yourself in the right environment for a business discussion. If you're not afraid of the cold, choose the homemade blood sausage with sea buckthorn caramel, like Nicolas, an original and tasty dish that will take you out of your comfort zone and pleasantly surprise you.

Come and discover the dishes and the breathtaking panorama offered by Les Enfants Terribles, here in Laval.


To end on a high note, Stéphanie Déry, Coordinator of Corporate Events at the Palace Centre de congrès, offered a touch of sugar with the Crémerie Pineault. A true regional pride where everyone leaves with a smile on their face, according to her. While all the flavours are a real treat, Stephanie admits that her go-to is an Oreo and Mint ice cream combo. Since anyone can create a combination, it's a guaranteed way to end the day in style.

These three must-sees are just a taste of a wide range of unique and exquisite restaurants to discover quickly during a business lunch or as part of a more festive dinner. Come taste Laval!