Spring has finally arrived! We roll our hearts out, windows down. We quietly take out our summer clothes, we start drinking rosé wine and making cocktails with fruity flavors... yes, spring has arrived in Laval, and here are 5 signs that don't lie!

Enjoy the good weather

At the Centre de la nature de Laval (my favorite park!), the geese and our close friends the marmots are back. In this vast green space with its lovely gardens and water features, you can relax, have your first picnic of the year, get back in shape or rent a canoe. Don't miss the spectacular flight of the bustards from the lake at the end of the day, magnificent!

Nature awakens

The nature of Laval's riverbanks and woods is slowly waking up. The Bois de L'Équerre is the perfect place for birdwatching (but be prepared, as you'll need to be quick on the piton to take their picture) and take a long family or romantic hike to the Berge aux Quatre-Vents, where you can watch the ducks. While at Parc de la Rivière-des-Mille-Îles, you can spot turtles gently sunning their rinds on the rocks - truly a sight to behold!

We give our feet a makeover !

After a rigorous winter of wool socks and boots, we now make room for sandals! A little gift from yourself to yourself that is worth the detour, we go to the Amerispa urban spa at the Sheraton Laval for an application of Shellac nail polish (new this season that I had the pleasure of testing!). In less than 45 minutes, we put back our shoes, or better our sandals (without damaging our pedicure) and we are ready for our first terrace!

Sunbathing and vitamin D sought after

There's nothing like sunbathing for a healthy glow and relaxation. With our beautiful, freshly manicured feet, a visit to the Spa Le Finlandais is the ultimate. Here, all your senses are stimulated or rather relaxed (a visit to the multi-sensory room is highly recommended for total revitalization in 15 minutes). And why not take advantage of the warmer evenings to stay a little longer? The place is beautiful in the evening, and the healthy meals are delicious!

The hunt for the cone is on

Are you like me? At the first sign of spring, it's a mad dash to the first ice cream shop open after months of abstinence. And in Laval, we've got quite a selection of ice creams! I've fallen (or melted) for Crèmerie Pineault in the Duvernay district (soft, homemade ice creams with an exceptional cachet) and La Marquise for its retro cool... flavours that will remind you of Italy, stop off at Dolce & Santella for a delicious gelato.

Fortunately, we have the summer to try them all!

Happy spring!