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When she was younger, she dreamed of traveling and opening her own restaurant. Today, she is the marketing director of Centropolis, a gathering place par excellence for many Laval residents. Her role: to ensure that Centropolis is a vibrant space where people come together to live strong moments, have memorable experiences and create memories, summer and winter alike. Welcome to the world of Karine Rodrigue.

A mix of passions

When Karine arrived at Centropolis in 2013, she was immediately seduced by the place and the plurality of the offer. "I often describe Centropolis as a mix of my passions, namely restaurants, events and people. I feel like this job was tailor-made just for me. Centropolis is a unique concept where you feel like you're somewhere else, where you can unplug. In short, it's a nice nod to the year I spent travelling in Europe and Southeast Asia. Even the Place Centrale reminds me of the great European squares," says Karine Rodrigue.

Created in 2000, the Centropolis is now a place of entertainment, even a real outdoor living space. People come here with friends, family and even colleagues for lunch or happy hour. No matter what the season, Centropolis is always buzzing. In the summer, the terraces come alive and summer activities multiply, while in the winter, Place Centrale is transformed into an outdoor skating rink to the delight of all. "Centropolis is made up of merchants and inspiring entrepreneurs who want to give visitors an experience. The community spirit is very present and that's what sets us apart," says the marketing director.

Photo credit: Jimmy Hamelin

Events that bring people together

Centropolis is of course known for its many gourmet addresses, including Café Ricardo, LOV and Mandy's, the latest to open its doors; its entertainment venues, such as Randolph, MontVR and SkyVenture; and its businesses, including Maison Berger Paris and 42.2 Course.Marche, which opened its first boutique in Centropolis. Centropolis also features signature events that highlight the dynamism, creativity and mobilization of merchants.

The Solstice Festival celebrates the arrival of summer with a colorful show, street entertainment and activities that will please children and adults alike; the Cinéma en plein air is a popcorn movie night with thematic activities and decorations, and let's not forget the winter activity with the Laval Rocket where you can meet the players of the field hockey team and participate in a one-on-one duel. "These events, as well as those we host, such as the Grande Fête des pompiers, bring Centropolis to life and allow us to shine and to put forward our best ambassadors, our merchants," says Karine.

Sustainable development: at the heart of Centropolis' actions

Life is certainly hectic at Centropolis, but it is always for the benefit of the environment, which is at the heart of the organization's growth strategy. Centropolis stands out and contributes to the improvement of the overall visitor experience through a series of actions. These include the planting of trees to reduce heat islands, the creation of an ornamental vegetable garden at Place Centrale that reduces the carbon footprint and helps feed needy families by donating all of the harvest (about 40 boxes annually) to Moisson Laval, and the creation of a water retention, purification and infiltration basin that promotes increased biodiversity and biomass. "In my opinion, the sustainable development aspect is the hidden treasure of Centropolis. Our actions reflect our eco-responsible values, and we make every effort to promote them and, above all, to innovate further," concludes Karine.

Photo credit: Agnieszkas

Did you know that ?

  • When she was younger, Karine Rodrigue dreamed of opening her own restaurant
  • There are over 1,200 trees on the Centropolis site
  • There are over 4,500 parking spaces in Centropolis
  • Centropolis welcomes over 7.6 million visitors per year
  • Centropolis is more than a hundred addresses, including 31 restaurants and 12 businesses
  • Several proposals were made at Centropolis, including one on the rink with a Beauty and the Beast theme
  • 3055 Saint-Martin Blvd. Saint-Martin, a building in the heart of Centropolis, is LEED-OR certified
  • Centropolis has six charging stations for electric cars