Urban getaway for spring: chasing away the gray!

Caroline LachapelleCaroline Lachapelle

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The degrees are rising on the thermometer, but the melting snow has turned the green spaces into lovely mud puddles... No doubt about it, spring is here! I'm certainly not the only one who feels like vacationing in April I'm sure I'm not the only one who's looking for a vacation in April: a breath of fresh air is blowing in and I really need to get out of the house for a while. The great thing about Laval is that you can have a staycation without having to drive too much!

Whether you are with your partner or with friends, I propose a small tour that is so much fun that you will want to you will want to repeat the experience more than once a year I think so!

Looking for an original activity to start? Immersia Laval!



Again, a first for me! I had never never had the opportunity to play an escape game before. before... But let me tell you that this
not the last time! The scenarios offered all sounded like fun, but the one I tried but the one I tried, "The Game Show", REALLY blew me away. Show" REALLY blew me away.

Since I don't want to ruin the punchI won't details, but I can guarantee you that the punch will be guarantee that my neurons got their workout after finally SUCCESSING to escape : I was hot! How proud I am to leave the room when there are only a few minutes left on the minutes left on the clock, whoa! I so suggest you you to go for a walk, it's the perfect opportunity to work as a team and have a lot of fun at the same time. fun!




Where to dine? At Gatto Matto!

If you want to continue your glamorous escapade, Gatto Matto is definitely the place to go for dinner! This restaurant is still one of my favorites since its opening. Once again, the decor, coquettish and vintage, is a little extra to make the experience even better! The cocktail menu: a MUST-see, as many are unique and quite delicious creations.

If you're not sure which one to choose, let me tell you: for starters, the grilled octopus is simply amazing! And what about the tuna tartar? Oh, my, god. Then, it's your choice between pasta and pizza (and many other options, of courseAccompanied by a good glass of wine, you'll find what you're looking for for sure! I had a real I had a real crush on the ravioli stuffed with ricotta and goat cheese with wild mushrooms and creamy port sauce. Scuse mebut this dish is a must-try!

Where to sleep? At Grand Times Hotel du Centropolis!



It's just me who had never been to this beautiful hotel? WOW! Already when I arrived in the lobby, I felt felt like I was somewhere else: a luxurious and imposing decor, a modern modern and artsyWe love it! It's also the perfect place the perfect place to play the jet-set for a night or two. night or two. The establishment is the most recent of the hotel chain hotel chain, it also has a swimming pool and a workout room and a gym at your disposal!

The Vertigo King suite is absolutely ma-gi-fi-que. It feels like New York with the view on the city and the huge windows in the windows in the room! The modern and muted decor creates the perfect the perfect atmosphere to rest and relax. A A good night's sleep well deserved!



Where to have lunch? At Café Ricardo!

In addition to having an adorable boutique section, Café Ricardo is the perfect mix between a cute little café and a succulent spot brunch spot fancy! The choices offered are really out of the ordinary, and that's what makes the place so original. We could taste a waffle with duck confit (!!!) and a croque-madame with mushrooms & porchetta. One word: DIVINE! With a salted caramel latte in hand, I was absolutely delighted to discover this restaurant!

To finish, we are active at the climbing center Le Crux!

Don't be afraid of the title, Le Crux climbing center in Laval is not only for route climbing, it is in fact a bouldering center. This huge space is made to welcome anyone who wants to learn how to climb or even train for competitions, for those who are more experienced.  

Being a novice myself, we were able to have a guided tour with one of the owners, Jean François. It was very useful to better understand this sport, which is still quite unknown! People often believe that you have to be SUPERRRR in shape to start bouldering, but no! Of course, you have to work on your technique, but some routes are easier than others. The V0, V1 and V2 are perfect for taking it easy while having fun.

I would like to share with you Jean-François' words, which I found particularly relevant!  

"Block is an individual-social sport. Everyone is there to help and encourage each other, and at the same time to work on their own to beat their personal records. It's a great way to perform while sharing tips with other enthusiasts! We too often forget that there is a way to change the air by going not THAT far! The next time you feel like taking a little getaway, think LAVAL