Bouncy Moment | Let go of your crazy!

Jump into an adventure full of twists and turns at iSaute Laval! What better way to expend your energy than on over forty trampolines? Dress comfortably and enjoy a unique experience that's fun for young and old alike.

Trampolines, foam blocks, dodgeball courts, basketball hoops, tightrope walkers, interactive climbing walls or laser mazes - iSaute is the acrobatic specialist. All our staff are certified in trampoline safety, so you can jump with complete peace of mind. Whether you prefer to leap as high as you can, exercise your stunt skills or practice your dunking, iSaute trampolines are sure to delight.

With family, friends or colleagues, an iSaute outing is synonymous with smiles and fun. Bring out your inner stuntman and practice your best somersaults in good company.

Photo credit Christine Labrie

In Laval, we like to expend our energy and keep fit in original ways. Here, we spend quality time with family and friends, and get up close and personal, all while jumping! At iSaute, you'll move like never before!