Top 4 last minute gift ideas

small turquoise box tied with a white ribbon and bag

Christmas is coming. If you are like me, absorbed by the frantic rhythm of your professional and family occupations, you haven't had time to finish your shopping. Don't panic, I've put together a list that will help us find the last gifts to put under the tree.

1- A sensational experience

Let's face it, offering an experience that fits the personality of the recipient is always a winner. For those with a wanderlust, offer to ride the waves at Maeva Surf, defy the laws of gravity in the SkyVenture tunnel, climb the themed climbing walls at Clip 'n Climb, let loose on the trampolines at iSaute, play miniature golf in the fluorescent world of Putting Edge or play a game of indoor Laser Tag at Zone 15.

For those who like to be pampered and pampered, treat yourself to a wellness break such as a body wrap, a microdermabrasion to brighten the complexion, firm and smooth the skin, a facial or a hot pebble massage at Amerispa or a beauty package, a manicure or pedicure.

Finally, for those who like to put their head in the clouds, offer them the chance to take the controls of a Boeing 737 for a colorful virtual trip in one of the 24,000 airports at AeroSim Experience. F-16 enthusiasts will also be delighted with the two Fighting Falcon simulators. It promises to be a lot of fun!

2- A gourmet surprise

Gifts to put under your teeth, that's always a pleasure! And in Laval, there is no shortage of places to find products that will tickle your taste buds. Pick up some brownies and a jar of caramel and passion fruit spread at Juliette & Chocolat, or a bottle of Château Taillefer Lafon.

Another idea that could make a splash: a product found at the delicatessen of the À la boîte à fleurs boutique. And why not add a bouquet of flowers for a complete gift!

3- A mysterious exit

For those who love puzzles and secrets, organize an outing to one of Laval's escape game centers. Will you become an accomplished thief by robbing a bank at Escaparium? Or will you manage to get your hands on the reward of The Forgotten Station at Immersia ? Will you find the English Colonel's treasures at The Secret Cube? Or maybe you'll be able to prove the existence of diamond trafficking in this Laval bar at Échappe-Toi? Whatever scenario you choose, you will undoubtedly put your logic to the test and who knows? Maybe you will discover unsuspected resources in your entourage.

4- A glamorous gift

Who doesn't love receiving a glamorous gift? With its 300 stores and boutiques, CF Carrefour Laval is the destination par excellence to find a gift that will charm your sweetheart or any other person dear to you. Take a tour of the world-class stores. For example, you can find sexy underwear or a perfume at Victoria's Secret, a high quality leather bag at Coach, a watch, a bracelet or a ring at Michael Kors, a fountain pen at the Montblanc boutique or earrings made with crystals at Swarovski.

Stress is decreasing? I hope so. Now we just have to organize our time to go on the adventure.

Happy shopping and happy holidays!

Château Taillefer Lafon and À la boîte à fleurs are part of the Saveurs de Laval repertoire.