September 23, 2023

Circuit Nature-Culture

From space exploration to the farm


On this last tour of the season, participants will have the opportunity to visit two of the Laval region's must-sees. From a visit to the outer reaches of space to Cosmodome to two hands in the soil at Ferme Forgetit's sure to be a day to remember! As always, the comedians of the Réseau ArtHist will be on hand to entertain and inform you about Laval's history.


Space visit to Cosmodome

The only institution in Canada devoted entirely to the wider dissemination of space science, the Cosmodome will transport you into the heart of space with an interactive virtual mission in which participants become space exploration heroes! The permanent exhibition will give you a deeper understanding ofastronautics, thehistory of space exploration and the different planets in our solar system.

Circuit 6.1 Cosmodome_Exposition_Credit_ Clair Obscur

Autumn delights at Ferme Forget

Discover the Ferme Forget at the heart of its harvest season. The tour gives you access to the magnificent site specially laid out for the season, as well as to the corn maze, mini-farm, tractor ride, squash pavilion, interpretation area and picnic areas. Round out your experience with tasty produce at the farm stand, orpick your own squash and pumpkin. 

Circuit 6.2 Ferme Forget

Tour cost

2 years and under: $5
3 to 6 years: $16.35
7 to 12 years: $28.35
13-17 years: $31.35
18 and over: $33.35
Prices shown do not include taxes and other transaction fees.

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