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Are you interested in visiting or promoting our amazing region? Are you looking for specific information? Do you need photos or videos? Marie-Josée Bougie is well known in the media community as a resourceful expert and an enthusiast promoter of Laval as a tourist destination.

From hidden gems to the region’s must-sees, even the sky’s not the limit in Laval. Exploring space, defying gravity, surfing on indoor waves, discovering protected species, being amazed by science, tasting local flavours, and shopping at the fashionistas’ paradise is all possible.

To fully capture the full Laval's effervescence, let Marie-Josée make you some suggestions, from the most surprising places to some unique experiences. Also, don't hesitate to consult the press releases to find out what's new in our city.

Of course, if you need more information or simply want to talk to an expert on everything about Laval, don't hesitate to contact Marie-Josée Bougie.


Marie-Josée Bougie

Press Relations and Social Media Manager

Get inspired

Laval, it's a multitude of unique activities made of a perfect choice of entertainment, culture and discoveries comprised of gourmet cuisine, must-see attractions, discoveries, and original and unique activities. and much more. See all these possibilities in action!

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