5 Trends in Event Organization

Organizing an event requires creativity, reinventing things and going beyond the expected to ensure attendees will live a unique experience. Therefore, organizers must constantly innovate to find different and bold event formulas that will create that WOW effect in your attendees. To inspire you, here are some of the major current trends in the event industry.

1. Humanize the destination

Personalization is always appreciatedé. Don't hesitate to step up your efforts to create memorable experiences for your attendees. Ensure that they will enjoy all the destination has to offer by proposing surprising activities, gourmet experiences, and cultural and sports outings.

2. Play the originality card!

Boost your business events and stand out while meeting your clients' needs. Don't hesitate to think outside the box. The Simplifier team of Tourisme Laval has developed six unique concepts that are in line with the current trend. 

3. Choose local products

In today's society, many people are concerned about their food and their health. They want to know what they are eating. They keep informed about the quality and the freshness of the products, everywhere they go. In this context, make sure to offer your guests a healthy menu that includes vegetarian and even vegan options. Also, plan a menu for guests with food intolerances.

4. Dare the minimalist setting for our event

Favour an uncluttered decor. This will encourage concentration to ensure that those attending your event will appreciate the wealth of the content presented. However, don't neglect comfort. For example, for a cocktail party, plan for a sufficient number of chairs and armchairs.

5. Opt for a "green" event

The environment is at the heart of our concerns. In this regard, integrate eco-responsible gestures into your event. For instance, use local and organic products, choose reusable decorative items, and favour gifts in the form of services rather than goods (for example, a pass for an activity), etc.

Photos: Château Royal, Marché Public 440