From leader to leader



L2L is a network of Laval leaders who are committed to an innovative approach to initiating, attracting and supporting business events in Laval.

This " leader to leader " initiative aims to engage leaders in a 4-pronged business approach:

  1. Feeding the ecosystem on the economic niches that are promising for business tourism.
  2. Accompany leaders in their endeavours by providing them with access to a full range of services, including coaching, support, promotional activities, concierge services and financial support.
  3. Promote the attractiveness of Laval as a destination.
  4. Show recognition to leaders and promote them and their organization in Laval and within their respective networks.

The first three leaders of the network - which plans to recruit many more - are : Luc Poirier, Director of Development, Major Industrial Accounts, at Lumen; Michel Rousseau, Senior Partner at Groupe Rousseau Lefebvre; and Sylvie Deschamps, General Manager of the FADOQ Laval Network. As you can guess, all of these people have Laval tattooed on their hearts. This network of ambassadors will be able to promote Laval's assets in business tourism.

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Launched by Tourisme Laval with the support of Laval Economic Development, the L2L project is made possible thanks to the reserve funds of the Laval Recovery Plan.

For more information, consult the press release and follow our LinkedIn page.


Émilie Turpin