Laughter without Borders

Do you remember the last time you had an uncontrollable laugh? At a dinner party with friends? At a children's party? At work? Yes, yes, at work. Does this surprise you? We tend to think of laughter and work as two opposite concepts. Work is serious. Any form of laughter, in a professional context, is perceived at best as a break, at worst, as a waste of time. Yet, laughter plays a crucial role in corporate culture. It deepens the bonds between colleagues, creates a sense of belonging and reduces tension.

In Laval, laughter and work are never too far apart. After a day at the office, a convention or a meeting, why not get the whole team together and participate in Laugh Mondays hosted by Richardson Zéphir at Les Insulaires Microbrasseurs? Is it Tuesday? Go to Mardis en folie at Resto Bar Brasse-Rires and take advantage of a unique and original opportunity for team building. You are in Laval, and it's the last Wednesday of the month? Head to the CF Carrefour Lavalwhere Olivier Létourneau and his team invite you to the Mercredis d'humour at La Taverne.

Or lose track of time completely at Randolph's pub ludique and rediscover the pleasure of sitting at a table with your colleagues... over a board game and a drink! Winning the game is not guaranteed. What is guaranteed is laughter, hugs, pleasure, the joy of getting together in a festive context with colleagues, friends and family, and living unforgettable moments.

In addition, Laval is full of venues where comedy is in the spotlight. Just take a look at [Co]motion's extraordinary and varied program of comedy shows to get a glimpse of the renowned comedians who will be performing there.

In short, whether you choose to get together for activities where laughter is the king or to attend comedy shows, it's all waiting for you, because after all, the more, the merrier...