Get Together... at Last! Hybrid Team Building in Laval

More than ever, it is time to share something other than Excel pages to create a sense of belonging in the team. In the post-COVID era, multiple statistics show that the majority of companies want to keep a virtual aspect to their work, about 64% of companies1. According to one study, employee productivity drops by approximately 21% when they feel lonely, a feeling that can be caused by telecommuting2. With this distance barrier, maintaining morale and employee bonding with hybrid or face-to-face team building is even more important today. In addition to being fun, games are good for your efficiency: a two-for-one!

The activities can be customized to your company's sector. Also, it doesn't have to be a full day. Even a two-hour activity with 15-20 people can be very beneficial.

In Laval, Jeux Spin is a company that offers a variety of turnkey concepts that allow business people to delegate all the planning to team-building experts.

In-person activities are supervised by an instructor because even adults need supervision sometimes! Your team will find itself in a climate conducive to exchanges while enjoying a dynamic atmosphere. It's the perfect way to break the ice or to connect with your colleagues after a long period of telecommuting. 

However, there is no discrimination against those who are more reluctant to meet in large groups again. Following the wave of virtual events brought about by the pandemic, Jeux Spin has also made the leap to a hybrid formula of team building. Participating in customized virtual tournaments that offer various challenges to be completed as a team is now possible. You will receive an invitation by email, and all you have to do is log in to start the fun. For example, in teams of 6 to 8 people, you could take on challenges in a breakout room to obtain the highest score and win the tournament. The whole thing is supervised by a facilitator who will guide you through the entire tournament.

Psst! The activities can be followed by a cocktail or accompanied by music if you wish. A true hybrid fiesta !

Are you hesitating to go back to the classroom completely but are less stimulated by virtual team building? In Laval, the Centre de la Nature and the Parc de la Rivière des Mille-Îles are sites that offer outdoor games between colleagues in a safe environment.

It's your turn to play!


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