February 17, 2023

Jean-Sébastien Girard | En rodage

This is the story of a boy like no other.


"It's the story of a singular boy who wanted to see his image on every screen. A weirdo in a perm, wearing white boots or lined shoes, a living-room superstar who dreamed of signing autographs and ended up being pitched ham sandwiches. It's the story of his not-too-cuddly world, between the back alleys of Rosemont and the Zellers restaurant, where he grew up trying both to get noticed and to avoid being taken for a ride. Above all, it's the story of a boy who finally grew up and decided that his world was worth 1,000 piastres. That it's okay to sing all the time when there's no time, that it's better to be too much than not enough, that life is short and that it's better to have a sense of drama than no sense at all. This is the story of a boy like no other." - Jean-Sébastien Girard


  • Regular: $41.00 CDN
  • Club [co]motion: $37.50 CDN
  • Club [co]motion Desjardins: $37.50 CDN
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