Tourisme Laval launches an unprecedented awareness campaign

Laval, September 26, 2023 - In the world of tourism, the Laval region has acquired a unique personality over the years. To once again affirm the destination's distinctive character, Tourisme Laval is stepping off the beaten path and unveiling two stunning advertising messages. With powerful visuals echoing Laval's major attractions, the two variations of the concept plunge audiences into a vibrant, festive imaginary world, just like the place itself.

Focus on feeling

The advertising campaign, designed by the Oasis agency, takes a different approach to traditional messages in order to evoke emotion. "We chose to focus on how the destination makes you feel, a feeling of lightness, the impression that anything is possible. A bit like Alice in Wonderland when she plunges into an unsuspected world, we want people to be transported by the atmosphere and aesthetics," says Laurence Gauthier, Artistic Director at Oasis.

Laval, the destination of all possibilities

To ensure that the campaign was consistent with the destination's communication strategy, the art direction was inspired by Laval's logo, the "L". With a single letter as a starting point, a multitude of fantastical universes were created. The recurring use of the "L" in each painting nods to the brand and acts as a reminder: in Laval, anything is possible.

"Our destination is recognized as a source of delight, enrichment and connection. Our communication and brand awareness objectives were clear: to arouse astonishment and stimulate curiosity about our tourist destination. The originality of the creative approach is therefore entirely appropriate. Once we enter the 'L', anything is possible," says Hélène Vézina, Director - Communications and Marketing at Tourisme Laval.

About Tourisme Laval

A leader in a rapidly expanding industry, Tourisme Laval contributes to the development of Laval as a tourist destination, provides leadership in welcoming and promoting attractions, and acts as a rallying agent for members and partners, in a perspective of sustainable development.


Source: Hélène Vézina / 514 261-9893 / [email protected]
Director - Communications and Marketing