The Filion family aka The Immersia Gang

Mon Côté Laval
by Tourisme Laval

From barbershops and corner restaurants to public markets, neighborhood microbreweries and trippy activities, discover the favorites of proud Lavallois who love their suburbs.

Take a leap into their world and explore their "Laval side" in reading and video.

Are you ready to discover Laval's hidden treasures?


The Filion family is made up of four cousins and their spouses, all proud Lavallois and passionate about escapist games. In the fall of 2016, they founded Immersia, a family business that offers an immersive gaming experience.

The Filion clan... tell me about yourselves?
You could say we're a clan, because we're so tightly woven! Let me introduce ourselves. First, there's me, Roseline Filion, in charge of social media and public relations at Immersia, but better known as a two-time Olympic diving medalist: My brother Maxime is in charge of marketing; my cousin Marilyn is in charge of operations; her husband Stéphane Gilbert is artistic director; my other cousin Roxane is in charge of finance, but also sings and sings backup on the TV show En direct de l'univers; and her husband Stéphan Côté is in charge of technological development, but we know him better as an actor on the TV show District 31, among others.

We're also passionate about escape games. We've taken part in over a hundred escape games all over the world, and we're still doing it for the sheer fun of it!

What's your hidden Laval treasure?
Oregon Bar à vin restaurant. It's really a hidden treasure, because it's located, if not hidden, in a small shopping center on Curé-Labelle Boulevard, at the entrance to Sainte-Rose. It's a real find (which Marilyn made, as she lives just a stone's throw from the restaurant). A small neighborhood bistro that literally rivals the most "in" restaurants in Montreal.

The atmosphere is relaxed and laid-back, and the owners are young and curious, who like to introduce us to new dishes and wines as the seasons change. By the way, the name Oregon is no accident. It refers to the important wine-growing region in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Needless to say, their wine list is mind-blowing!

What do you come to Oregon for?
For our brainstorming sessions. This is where we gather, over a good bottle of wine (and good food, of course!), to brainstorm and develop our scenarios. The place is conducive to creativity. We're inspired by the rich mansion-style décor.

We love coming here, because the menu is well thought-out and there's something for everyone. It's a perfect balance between comfort and complexity. The cuisine is precise and elaborate, but simple at the same time. And what's more, the dishes can be shared. Perfect for a gang like us!

It's a little neighborhood eatery just the way we like it. It's like being on the Plateau-Mont-Royal, but with parking! Unfortunately, with our respective schedules, we don't come often enough!

If you had to introduce someone to Oregon, what would you say?
Don't let the outside influence you! You'll discover a unique restaurant.

If you had to introduce Laval to a foreigner in a few words, you'd say?
We grew up here. This is our home. Come on, we're inviting you! You'll see, Laval is family-friendly, it's got the advantage of wide-open spaces, and it's also Montreal's cool, trendy little sister... with parking to boot!

Some highlights:

  • Oregon offers sulfite-free wines... say goodbye to morning-after headaches!
  • Roseline loves escape games so much that the day after her last competition at the Rio Games, she went to Escape 60, an escape game located a 20-minute walk from the pool.
  • One of the Filion family's favorite Oregon dishes is salt cod risotto.